Glow Pen®️ Hyaluron Pen Professional Kit

Glow Pen®️ Hyaluron Pen Professional Kit

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*Receive  free training with purchase of professional kit. Online Training Code will be emailed to you separately after purchase. 

The Beauty Academy, the official certified training center of GLOW PEN®️ hyaluron pen, is the first academy to offer professional training on hyaluron pen in the USA since 2018.

Glow Pen ®️is the leader in hyaluron pen classes, tools, supplies and support in the United States. Students who receive their Certification from The Beauty Academy are further advanced in knowledge and technique as they complete a course that focuses on in-depth theory and a hands-on experience.

Our in-depth certification training course includes your professional kit with your Glow Pen©️ professional device. Our brand of hyaluron pen; the Glow Pen professional device offers a controlled dosage delivery with locking function that ensures an exact delivery and thus enables SAFE working. Glow Pen only reaches the upper skin layers. Glow Pen is a needle free aesthetic device which was specifically created and technically optimized for this purpose and to be solely used by beauty professionals. Glow Pen has also formulated their own brand of non-pharmaceutical high quality hyaluronic acid filler with a top skin care manufacturing laboratory for the Glow Pen professional device that contains no lidocaine or saline, making it SAFE. Our Glow Pen technicians will always have access to product for their services.

Glow Pen Revitalization Treatment©️ training is fully insurable across the USA so that all our Glow Pen Technicians can provide their services right away. There is no license required to become certified or to provide this service. 

Please Note:
Bloodborne Pathogens Training & Certification is recommended to be completed before or after  taking our Glow Pen Certification Course. 

The course consists of the following:
– In-Depth Theory
– Health & Safety
– Facial Anatomy & Mapping
– Lip Histology & Anatomy
– Proper Hyaluron Pen Techniques; You will learn techniques and the process for the procedures: lip, marionettes, smile lines, cheek, chin & jawline enhancement
– Master Instructor Demonstration
– Certificate
– On-Going Support for 6 months 

*Glow Pen©️ is a Hands-on, in-depth, technical training. Our hands-on in-person certification course provides students with an excellent education that prepares them to offer professional hyaluron pen services shortly after the completion of the course.