Firming Genius Ultrasound Gel

Firming Genius Ultrasound Gel

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The Firming Genius is a powerful combination of conductive and skin rejuvenative properties. The natural active ingredients make this gel a “Must Have” in every treatment room, as it is suitable for a majority of the most popular treatments and also has incredible collagen boosting features. The Firming Genius gel is hypoallergenic, non irritating and non greasy. It is a lightweight silky gel that deeply hydrates the skin, conducts the treatment energy and protects skin against dehydration.

Protects and repairs against UVB damage
Keeps the skin smooth and plumped
Maintains and supports barrier function of the skin
Aids in skin regeneration
Enhances active ingredient delivery
Heals and repairs the skin
Effectively improves skin elasticity, collagen production, and skin regeneration and reparation.

The one and only Peptide Conductive gel created for the most advanced facial and body treatments:

1. Microcurrent Facial and Body Lifting

2. Radio Frequency and Toning Facial and Body Treatments

3. Ultrasound Facial and Body Treatments

4. Cavitation Body Slimming

5. EMS Body Sculpting